Pictures From The Fair

Emma and Owen posing for a quick photo opp.

This weekend, Elena, Emma, Jessie and Me went to the local fair. The theme was “Yesteryear Village” where we saw replicas of Saloons, Stables, Houses, Fire Stations, Churches, School Houses, etc. from the early 1900’s. It was a beautiful clear, sunny day, and the temperature was just right (a breezy 74 degrees). There were a lot of activities to do and Emma had a great time playing around and making arts and crafts. We met up with her buddy Owen and wandered around the fair together. The first attraction we encountered were the pony rides. Emma seemed to be somewhat indifferent to the animals until I tried to sit her on top of one. Although I was standing right next to her and promised to hold her the whole way through she immediately started to shake her head from left to right and began to wail. I tried to calm her with reassuring words but in the end we had to abort the mission. Perhaps next time.


Next it was time for a little ring toss with Daddy…


…and some of Emma’s world class kisses.


A pirates Hat…


A quick snack…


A walk through the garden…


Some arts & crafts…


And a picture with a mule named Ted.

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