Cookies or Lard?


Emma and her new bubble machine

Every Saturday and Sunday morning Elena and I have what is affectionately referred to in our household as, a “Monster Breakfast”. This typically consists of freshly cooked pancakes with a nice warm cup of hot cocoa, or a scrambled egg omelet with onions, ham, and cheese. When we are feeling particularly voracious we will include freshly cooked bacon or sausage (although we haven’t done that for a while). We also include a nice warm cup of “cafe con leche” (coffee with milk). Over the years I have established a tradition of sorts where I celebrate the end of a long week, and the goodness of this fantastic feast, by dipping a delectable Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate “Milano” cookie into my coffee, and then eating the moist heavenly wafer. This technique really brings out the sweetness in the chocolate and for that one moment, there is peace and harmony in the world. Upon my return from that temporary state of bliss, Elena can always be found staring at me from across the table with a look of utter repulsion. You see, Elena doesn’t think much of the Milano, or its unassuming dry outer shell that gently and inconspicuously protects the chocolate treasure that lies within from undiscerning eyes. She doesn’t get that it is not meant for any but the most discriminating of pallets. “Dry nasty cookies” she calls them. “And how disgusting it is that you dip them in your coffee”, she says as she retrieves a buttered piece of toast from her coffee and consumes its greasy remains.

So over the last several months I wondered in private, if Emma would have the distinguished pallet required to appreciate the subtle beauty of a carefully crafted cookie? Or would she have the coarse, barbaric taste buds that craved sugar and lard? This weekend we got our answer. Emma, like her Dad, is a “Cookie Connoisseur”. Welcome to the club baby. You made your Daddy proud. Of course, this does mean that Mommy will have to double-up on our Milano inventory if I’m gonna have to share now. 🙂


Emma eating Dad’s favorite cookie

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