Sleeping Like A Baby


So over the last three nights, Emma has awoken an hour or two after being put to bed crying for “Mommy” and “Daddy”. It’s gut-wrenching and difficult not to succumb to her enchanted calls, so periodically we enter her room to let her know everything is OK and that Mommy and Daddy will pick her up in the morning but right now it is sleep time. It’s amazing how much of this she understands because she immediately responds with a sad and crackly “no”. After comforting her we place her back into her crib but sure enough she is out a few minutes later. We tough it out until she falls asleep, and then enter her room once the coast is clear to pick her tired body off the floor and return her to her crib. It’s quite funny that Emma chooses a nice fluffy throw, that we place on her floor when we prepare her for bed, as her landing zone. She also raids her stuffed toy box and grabs “Emma the Frog” for some comfort. We have been placing Emma the Frog to bed with her ever since.


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