Stubborn or Determined?


Don’t let those pouting brown eyes fool you. Or that inquisitive stare make you believe for one second that this pint-sized cutie is all sugar and spice. Emma packs quite a personality into that little frame of hers. And when she doesn’t get her way it’s tantrum city. Elena and I continue to work on softening her sometimes rough edges but she is determined to have her way. In some cases it’s a good thing, like with potty training. We (or I should say more accurately, Elena) has started asking Emma if she needs to “poop” and then sits with her for 20 minutes at a time while Emma reads books on the commode. Elena has been doing this for about two weeks now and Emma is starting to request it on her own. With every sitting Emma is determined to “complete the task”, which earns her a sticker on the calendar.

Emma also insists on feeding herself which can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on how careful and tidy she is.

Emma will push your hand away from her if she is trying to do something and you dare lend her a helping hand without being asked. And when meal-time approaches, Emma refuses to be placed in her high chair. Instead she prefers to climb it on her own, seat herself, and then lock herself into her five-point harness. She’s a tough little cookie that Emmalicious.

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