Emma’s Tech Tip – Keep Your Calendar Online

If you like to stay organized but struggle to keep your Microsoft Outlook work calendar synchronized with your home calendar, Google has a solution for you. Google Calendar allows you to record all your important events in one place online, allowing you the freedom to add and review appointments anywhere you have an Internet connection. Better yet, since the application is web-based, you don’t even have to use your computer. Any old machine will do. Just log in with your username and password and viol-la, your information is available at your fingertips. Google Calendar even allows you to configure it such that reminders can be sent to your cell phone minutes before an event’s start time. There are also a host of other neat features like calendar sharing, localized weather forecasts, and Microsoft Outlook integration. Best of all access is free. So what are you waiting for, create your Google Calendar today and start the year off on task!

For more information about Google Calendar click here.


  1. Emma's Dad says

    If the only thing stopping you from using Google Calendar is the inability to synchronize with your Outlook calendar then fret no more. gSyncit for Microsoft Outlook keeps Microsoft Outlook and your Google calendar in-sync. After installing gSyncit and starting Outlook you’ll find a new toolbar available to configure gSyncit and synchronize your calendars. You can manually synchronize your calendar or have it automatically sync on a preset interval.


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