The Path of Least Resistance

So after Emma’s “Swan Dive” routine off the crib, Elena and I frantically searched for a solution that would attempt to “persuade” Emma to dismount in a more controlled fashion. Our solution involved the purchase of a “straight rail” which Emma and I installed promptly. The rail replaces her old one. It is half the height, and has an opening to one side which allows Emma to exit in a much safer manner while still providing her with some protection from inadvertently rolling off the bed during the night (She’s a flopper). After months of restful nights, we are back to square one since her fall. Emma’s newfound empowerment means that she doesn’t quite stay in her bed when I place her there at night resulting in my having to sleep with her on an air mattress in her play room. We have gone through two nights of that followed by Elena actually crawling into Emma’s crib with her to try to get her to sleep. Tonight I was able to put her to bed in her crib for the first time following our normal routine. Hopefully this sticks.


Emma always likes to help me build things. Here she is helping me retrofit her crib with the new straight rail.


Here’s what the newly installed straight rail looks like. Notice the opening on the right side.


Emma inspecting my work.

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