Everybody Poops


Emma turned 23 months yesterday and in one short month she will be 2 years old. It’s quite amazing how quickly time flies. Developmentally Emma continues to amaze us with her ability to communicate and comprehend our conversations and instructions. She can also chain single words together to convey concepts to us like “drive”, “balloon”, “bye bye”, “Abuela”, “string”. This sequence tells the story of what happened to her balloon while Mommy was driving the car. Mommy opened the sun roof, the balloon got sucked-out of the car, and Abuela was left holding the string.”.

Elena purchased a toddler toilet seat for Emma a few months back but there was way too much going on in our lives at the time with our move and sale of our home for us to devote the energy required to provide consistency in the training. So we intentionally postponed that effort until a later date. During the second week of September (this month) Elena decided to start the training process. Her strategy has been to place Emma on the toilet two to three times a day (morning, night, and afternoon) and to encourage Emma to poop. If she completes her “mission” Emma is rewarded with a sticker, which she promptly places on her calendar to mark her progress (One for each poop and pee she does in the toilet). That and the festive praise and fanfare her mother and father provide as we excitedly gather around the toilet singing praises of encouragement for a job well done. I believe Elena’s system is working because in the last three weeks, Emma has only pooped in her diaper once. On several occasions Emma has even requested to go to the toilet to poop which is a really good indication that she gets it. I don’t know how long it will take to get her to use the toilet exclusively but I think we are headed in the right direction. We’ll keep you posted. 🙂


  1. Keep up the great job, Emma. We are really proud of you!!!
    We love you, Mommy and Daddy

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