Emma’s Princess Bed


Emma is growing up so fast and is quite a beautiful little flower. Several months ago we removed the crib from her room and replaced it with her “Princess Bed”. That’s how we sold it to her at least. In reality it is a queen size bed on box springs that sits directly on the floor of her room. There are no fancy bed frames, canopy, or opulent bed posts. It is just a bed on a floor with three bed rails that I attached to reduce the chances that she roll off it and thump unceremoniously on the floor during her sleep. She’s an active sleeper you know. The queen sized mattress might seem like overkill for a 3 year old, but since we had it lying around (in the guest room) and finances are short these days, we decided to move it into her room instead of buying a bed set for her. She has been so appreciative of it, and sleeps through the night now. Sometimes at night she says, “Daddy, thank you so much for my beautiful Princess Bed”, which breaks my heart because it is far from regal.

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