I Think I’m Turning Japanese


This picture makes me think of that song from the 80’s from the group “The Vapors” whose chorus went something like this: “I’m turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so”. I have no idea what she was thinking but my little Emmalicious was clearly feeling quite pensive.

Today Emma signed the word “cook” for the first time. I had used it in front of her this weekend when I was making breakfast. Tonight she signed it while Elena prepared dinner. She’s quite a little sponge.

In the last two weeks I have noticed Emma go through a developmental growth spurt. She is now able to stand-up from a prone position without any aid whatsoever; and although she has been able to climb the stairs of our house for some time, she does it with a lot more ease now. Next we will need to work on her going down the stairs.


Emma has a more adventurous appetite than she had in the past and will ask to eat food off our plate. She also understands the concept of “pretend” and will share her food with her dolls (Tigger and Baby Annie). Emma has also grown to be quite affectionate and dispenses hugs at kisses frequently throughout the day. Those little Emma kisses are the best I tell you.

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This weekend we had a visit from Grandpa Arnaldo and Grandma Maria. Emma loves it when people sit on the floor with her and engage her in whatever activity she is involved in. Grandma Maria is always really good about focusing on Emma and playing with her. It is clear that Emma really enjoys playing with her Grandma. Grandpa likes to sit on the couch and try to convince her to come over to him so he can grab her and hold her. Emma hates to sit on peoples laps so she tends to walk around him and beyond his reach.