Emma The Great!

dsc08077sm2.jpgSo as you can see Emma has fully recovered from the ankle injury she sustained while leaping over the bars of her crib a few weeks back. I guess that’s what kids do, they hurt themselves, and then bounce right back. She looks like a little bad-ass in this picture. I look like a happy, proud, albeit nervous parent. This picture was taken the day Emma turned 22 months (August 21st, 2007). Emma enjoys badness. If she shouldn’t be doing it, it must be fun.

Emma At The Park


Emma at the park on July 4th of this year.

At the Park with Mommy


Elena and Emma have been spending a lot of time at the park lately. Emma likes to blow bubbles, kick the soccer ball, go down the slide, and ride the swing. Emma is signing more and more these days. Words like “dog”, “bird”, “flower”, “apple” “ball”, and “duck” have made their way into her vocabulary which she signs frequently when she sees them at the park. She is like a little sponge these days and will also sign words Elena and I use while we are having a conversation. She is like a little interpreter for the hearing impaired.


Emma enjoys playing with her shovel but doesn’t like to get sand on her hands. She gets this from her Daddy. 🙂 In this picture Emma has fallen down and refuses to touch the sand to pick herself up. The look of dissatisfaction is aimed toward her Mother who is encouraging her to stand up on her own. In cases like this, Emma prefers to be rescued without soiling her fingers.