Waiting for the plane…


Emma at the RDU airport waiting for the plane.

We just came back from a two week trip to North Carolina where we spent time with Elena’s Mom, Frank, Pititi, Rosy, Jackie, Alex, Vicki, Marco, Mario, and Anamarie. We had a great time with them and it was sad to leave. Emma has grown a lot since the last time I posted. She is now running and can kick a ball without loosing her balance. Like her cousin Matthew, Emma is able to climb off the bed (air mattress) and onto the floor. She does this in a controlled way by moving her legs to the edge of the bed and easing her way down. When she wants me to put her on the floor she says the word “down!” in a very commanding tone and uses both hands to point to the floor.

Happy Birthday wishes to Emma’s Godfather Rob and to her friend Ian.


  1. Titilissy says

    My little princess is getting so big. Cousin Matthew sends her hugs and kisses and now he wants to show her how to get ON the furniture. Besos, Titilissy

  2. Emma's Dad says

    LOL! That’s all we need. If she starts doing that we know who to call.

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