Frog Fest 2008

This year we attended Frog Fest 2008. Since we are new to the area and I come from parts where the celebration of Frogs is not the norm I did not know what to expect. What was it that the locals find appealing about frogs that would cause them to hold a whole festival in their honor? We packed our things and left to investigate.

Although we arrived early, the parking lot was already at capacity. A sign directed us a mile and a half down the road to where a very organized crowd patiently awaited the shuttle bus that ferried eager frog-lovers to the festival. We parked our car and joined the family-friendly group that boarded the next bus.

At the park frog-themed stations were set up to educate children (young and old) about the natural and environmental challenges frogs face. Although frogs were the creature of honor at this event, it was clear that it was designed to create awareness as to the consequences of human actions on the environment and the animals that live in it.

Before we got started Emma got “inked” (Aunt Jennifer and Cousin Jessie would be proud).

There were “Arts and Crafts”

Like this Origami Frog

And a Frog themed coloring book made up of stamps of your choosing.

There were Reptile Exhibits

Here we are looking at a salamander

A snake

Some frogs

A bunny Rabbit

And a Bearded Dragon

There were Games

Like this ring toss that Emma just loved

And a Frog Toss where Emma had to simulate the jumping on lily pads by throwing a rubber frog into a paper plate. This was another activity Emma really enjoyed. She loved to play with water.

I was impressed to see how good Emma could throw during the wet sponge toss.

The spinning wheel above illustrated the odds that a frog would grow to reach adulthood (the yellow pie slice above). All the blue options were things that a frog might encounter that would limit its mortality.

There was Fun

Emma picked a flower for her Mom

Emma saw an Ice Cream truck and said, “Emma have ice cream please”. We never had ice cream from a truck before but Emma saw the stickers adorning the truck, and the people walking away from it licking their cones and quickly deduced that the truck can provide her with yummy ice cream. We were quite impressed.

A quick photo opp with my little Emmalicious

A family photo. It’s rare that the three of us appear in the same shot.

Watching a demonstration with my baby.


  1. I’ve never heard of a frog fest before. Then again, I don’t go out much for stuff like that. My son hasn’t learned to listen to me in public yet. 🙁

  2. Emma's Dad says

    It was news to me as well. I wasn’t sure if the festival would be a celebration of frogs, or the dining on them. I’m glad it was the former.

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