Booster City!

For the last three weeks Emma has been sitting in a booster chair instead of her high-chair. She is really excited about it and will sit in it any chance she gets. She will even watch TV in it. We are starting to look more like a family now with everyone sitting at the table for meals.

Emma’s high chair has not been put into retirement yet as it is still a good place for her to play with her Play dough.


  1. That’s a great idea to keep the high chair for play dough time! 😀

    That’s so awesome that you recognize your wife’s sacrifice to breastfeed your daughter. 🙂 She is a lucky woman! 😀

    Thank you for commenting back on my blog!

  2. Emma's Dad says

    It’s funny how times change. I worked with a woman who was in her mid 50’s and talked about breast feeding with her when my daughter was born. She thought it was great that my wife was doing it and told me how when she had her children their was a social stigma related to breast-feeding. It was considered something “poor people” did. Think third-world famine stricken countries where it is more of a necessity than anything else. As a result, she didn’t breast-feed her children. Fast forward to today, and the topic can be heated. The studies suggest the benefits to breast feeding can’t be ignored, however we live in a day and age that makes it impractical or even impossible for mothers to dedicate the necessary bandwidth to complete this extremely time-consuming task. Sure, some companies have “pumping rooms” where working Moms can extract the liquid gold for deferred feedings but that just increases the level of difficulty to perform this act. Today the negative social stigma is gone, but society puts different pressures and expectations on the working Mom that make the adoption of breast feeding difficult for many.

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