Emma Showing Off Her New Bathing Suit

Emma was very excited to receive a box full of goodies this Easter from Tio Fernan and Tia Jen. She immediately wanted to try on her new bathing suit and flip-flops. Here you can see her modeling it. In the second photo, she is pretending to be at the beach. She finds a sunny spot by the French doors and sits in that spot pretending to be sunbathing.

Soon it will be summer, and she will be able to enjoy it for real.

The Birthday Party

Last weekend Emma attended her first “Princess/Pirate Themed” Birthday Party at our neighbor’s house. The Princess of honor turned four and is also named Emma. Her parents did a spectacular job and had all sorts of activities. There was a bounce house, treasure hunt, crafts, and outdoor toys. There were cakes, and candies and a huge variety of treats. The children had a fantastic time. Our Emma (who incidentally turns two-and-a-half tomorrow) is still into solo play and loves our neighbors miniature house. She could play in it all day (as you can see in these pictures).