Emmarella doing Laundry

I know most 3 year-olds are not into doing laundry, cleaning, and helping out around the house, but our little Cinderella, um I mean Emmarella loves it! She is always asking me if she can help me clean, cook, bake, etc. Today, she wanted to fold the clothes. She took the clothes out of the dryer, folded it and matched all the socks for me. She even put everything in little piles on the couch, the same way I do before putting it in the laundry basket. She is a very detail-oriented child. She notices everything I do, and then imitates me when she’s “the mommy”.

She is such a wonderful little helper! It’s true that sometimes, her help might slow me down a bit but most days, I am just so glad to see her excited about helping, that I encourage her to help out. She always impresses me with her determination. She truly makes me proud:)

Emma Doing The Laundry

Here’s our little Cinderella doing the laundry. She loves to help her Mommy.