Emma is swimming again! Her favorite thing in the world is water. She absolutely LOVES it and is drawn to it like a mouse to cheese. Anytime she sees water, she HAS to touch it, she just can’t help herself. Because of her love for water and fearlessness, Mark and I want to make sure she can swim. We don’t want her to fall into a pool one day as she reaches to touch the water and then panic when she realizes she can’t swim.

We have taken her to the pool numerous times and we have even done two “mommy and me” swim classes- one in 2008 and one this past summer. However, as neither one of us has ever had swimming lessons, we wanted someone with experience to teach her proper swimming techniques and most importantly, water safety skills.

So, she has a wonderful teacher named Ms. Laura that has been in swimming teams most of her life and is also a preschool teacher. She is wonderful with kids and really challenges them. Emma had a great first day. She will be taking classes once a week for 8 weeks. After just one day, I feel like she is going to make a lot of progress with Ms. Laura. She is comfortable with her and I can tell she is really enjoying herself. Here are some shots from today:

Emma Swim Class #3 Videos

Words and still pictures can not properly convey Emma’s fearlessness, so here are some videos.

Jumping In The Pool

Jumping In Again

Emma’s Swim Class #3

For Emma’s 3rd swim lesson I joined Emma in the water for some wet and wild fun. We practiced entering the pool, freestyle swim-stroke, blowing bubbles through our nose, holding our breath under water, and jumping into the pool (Emma’s personal favorite). Emma is such a fish it’s not even funny. She can stay in the water all day if allowed. The only part she hates about swim class is the end.

Entering the pool

Free-style swim

Blowing bubbles through our nose

Emma holding her breath under water

Emma Swim Class #2 Videos

Emma doing the back stroke

Emma holding her breath

Swim Class #2

Last weeks swim lesson was canceled because her instructor was sick. We took Emma to the pool anyway and swam with her to practice the skills she had learned in her first lesson. When we attended her second lesson today, Emma’s skill had improved. It’s quite amazing because we can see visible improvements from one lesson to the next. During her first lesson she was taught how to “blow bubbles” in the water through her mouth. A concept she struggled with. We practiced the day her teacher was sick and concentrated on emphasizing blowing before submerging her mouth into the water (as initially she was attempting to submerge her head, draw water into her mouth and then spit it out). During today’s class we practiced that skill as well as some basic swim strokes as well as holding her breath under water. Miss Lauren provided some flotation devices so the children could focus on propelling themselves with their arms and legs without worring about staying buoyant. Emma did really good today. Her Mom and I are extremely proud of her. 🙂

Emma “bubble blowing” practice

Emma proudly showing Miss Lauren her “bubble-blowing” skill

Emma practicing some swim strokes

Look at that outboard motor kick!

Emma holding her breath under water (for 4-6 seconds)

Emma standing on the top step of the ladder. Looks like trouble is on the way.

Emma jumping into the water

Emma’s 1st Swim Lesson

I know I have said it several times already but Emma really loves water in all shapes and forms. She loves to drink it, touch it, splash it, soak in it, submerse herself in it, bathe in it, etc. As a result, today we started Emma in swimming lessons. It’s the most introductory of courses designed to create confidence and comfort in the water. Emma is frighteningly fearless which is clearly a concern for me and her Mother. I want her to have fun, but also emphasize her need to listen to our instructions and respect the water. During her first class Emma’s instructor Lauren taught her how to kick, push off the wall, float on her back, and blow bubbles through her mouth. Emma didn’t quite get the mechanics involved with blowing bubbles in the water and would take in water to spit back out in an attempt to blow bubbles. I am really happy and impressed with what Emma was able to accomplish in her first lesson and the wide ear-to-ear smile she had during the whole class was priceless.

Emma with her Mom in the water.

Swim instructor Lauren teaches Emma how to push-off the wall.

Emma pushing off the wall on her back.

Emma practicing kicking with her Mom.