Emma with Pigtails

Every once in awhile, Emma requests for her hair to be picked up in pigtails. Because we cut her hair shorter than usual this summer, her hair wasn’t really long enough for pigtails. However, we were able to make some “low-hanging” pigtails to satisfy her request.

She is very much a girly-girl. Loves everything princess! Loves jewelry, purses, barrettes, nail polish, lip stick, etc. Here are a few pictures of my girly-girl all decked out with her pigtails and her jewels:)


Don’t let the sweet little angel face fool you….she’s a tough cookie:) I love you my tough cookie!

Emma Has a New Hairdo



On Monday I took Emma to get a haircut. Her friend Alex just got her hair cut short and it looks so fresh and cute for the summer. I thought Emma would be excited to do the same, so I mentioned it to her and she was on board with the idea. Because Emma has SOOO much hair, it is puffier now than it was while it was long but, she is comfortable with the new length and it makes washing it and brushing it MUCH easier.