Archives for April 2009

Emma Has a New Hairdo



On Monday I took Emma to get a haircut. Her friend Alex just got her hair cut short and it looks so fresh and cute for the summer. I thought Emma would be excited to do the same, so I mentioned it to her and she was on board with the idea. Because Emma has SOOO much hair, it is puffier now than it was while it was long but, she is comfortable with the new length and it makes washing it and brushing it MUCH easier.

Emma Showing Off Her New Bathing Suit

Emma was very excited to receive a box full of goodies this Easter from Tio Fernan and Tia Jen. She immediately wanted to try on her new bathing suit and flip-flops. Here you can see her modeling it. In the second photo, she is pretending to be at the beach. She finds a sunny spot by the French doors and sits in that spot pretending to be sunbathing.

Soon it will be summer, and she will be able to enjoy it for real.