Kids Museum = Fun!

DSC04531DSC04558DSC04582DSC04589DSC04622DSC04627DSC04635Today we went to the kids museum with Emma’s friend Alex and her mommy (my good friend), Erica. We saw an Imax movie in 3D which was phenomenal, then we had a picnic lunch that we brought from home followed by playtime at the museum. The girls had a great time. One of Emma’s favorite things to do there is play with water. She also enjoys playing in the garden, climbing around the pirate ship and pretending to be a doctor.

There are 2 water sections- indoor and outdoor. The outdoor one had a new sculpture of bullrushes:) Isn’t that something! I just learned their name 3 days ago and here they are again. You can see the girls posing in front of them below.

A Day at the Museum of Natural Sciences

Today we spent the day at the Museum of Natural Sciences.  What a treat!  The exhibits were phenomenal.  Emma didn’t like the dinosaur roaring sounds they had playing in the background of the dinosaur exhibit, but she enjoyed touching the live Madagascar hissing cockroach, python and alligator.  She also loved the butterfly garden.  I enjoyed the entire museum, except for the hissing cockroach:)